December 24, 2014

Temple Cleaning on P-Day

So the Provo temple has been closed for the next couple weeks for cleaning. Since it's my p-day today, two of the districts in my branch got to go and help clean the temple for some service. It was pretty great! I was excited before we even got there! When we found out what we were doing it was even better! The sisters were going to help with a chandelier and the elders got to clean lockers. There are some perks to being a sister missionary!

The sisters got to clean the huge chandelier in the celestial room! It was awesome! Each individual crystal was taken off and cleaned then placed back on the frame. I got to help with the reassembling process. It was so incredible to see the fine details on it! The crystals are all chained together by small gold bows. They are so delicate and you can tell the attention to the details that had to go into it. 

Temples truly are the house of our Heavenly Father on earth!

When we were just about to leave, the workers told us that they were going to light the chandelier up for us. All 5 of us laid on the ground directly under the chandler when it lit up. It was beyond beautiful. 

We joked that putting it back together was like decorating a Christmas tree. I would take that experience over a tree any day! I loved that I got to serve my Father in Heaven so directly by cleaning His house. 

​ When everything was said and done the workers surprised us by taking us into the bride's room. It was sooo beautiful. That experience made me so excited about my decision to be married in the temple. There is no place on earth that I would settle for besides my Father's house. I won't because I know that I cannot get back to Him with any other venue. His path is straight and narrow and I'm sticking to it always. 

This was the best way I could have spent my time today. My Father in Heaven has given me everything and I was able to give a little bit of it back today. I have the next 17 months to continue to try to show Him my gratitude because I know there is no way I could ever fully repay Him. ​

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