June 22, 2015

Selfless Service

This week my companion and I had the privilege to help clean the home of an older Sister in the ward. She is unable to do many things on her own anymore, including getting to church. Seeing her situation was truly hearbreaking. She could barely take care of herself and she also had both of her adult sons living with her who had strayed from the gospel fold. One is constantly drunk. I can't imagine the hearache she feels everyday because of them. 

A group of Relief Society Sisters organized this service project to clean her home from top to bottom. It was amazing to see these women in action! There was so much love in the home. These women don't have muich but what little they had they gave to this Sister. We always have time and love" That is true charity. No matter how much, or little, we have we are using it to build others. 

I invite you all to be quick to observe the needs of others this week. Find what you have and give it , out of love, to someone what really needs to feel God's love. 

Irmã Wright

Culture Shock

I've been in Brazil for almost a month now and am still learning so much. I knew that I would be soaking in a new language but I didn't realize how much I would be learning about the culture as well. I still feel like I'm in culture shock. 

Duing my two week stay in the MTC in São Paulo I learned quickly how warm and open the people are here. Everyone has so much love for the people around them. They are so open and will smile at and great anyone they see. 

In the MTC I also learned that Brazilians love Americans. During meals my small little district of Americans would sit down at a table and it would soon be full of people! The missionaries really enjoyed helping us learn the language. My companion and I shared a room with a Brazilian companionship and every night they would teach us new words. I always looked forward to spending evenings with Sister Ferreira and Sister Faria laughing and playing seraides to figure out what we were trying to say to each other. 

When it come to food here I have just accepted the fact that I won't know what I'm eating most of the time. It has been great so far though. I have found a new vegetable down here that I love! Its similare to a potato excet its more stringy. So good! Also make sure you know where the water people give you comes from here or you will regret it, promise.

One thing I love that doesn't happen down here is people slamming doors in our faces. It is fantastic! Everyone is so nice even when they don' want to hear our message. 

Something new I learned this past week was that you don't wave at people you don't know. Apparentl, it is a way of flirting. Whoops" You can say hello to everyone but waving is out. That is going to be a difficult habit to break. 

It has been a huge adjustment to life donw here, and I still miss my carpet, but I love it! I can feel God's love for the people here and I am so blessed to be surrounded by some of His choice children. 

Irmã Wright

June 15, 2015

Enabling power of the Atonement

This week I am so grateful for the Atonement. One thing that we have to teach people about the Atonement as missionaries is that it is not just something we turn to when we have done something wrong. There is also an enabling power of the Atonement. It was this enabling power that I'm grateful for this week. 

It has been a little frustrating learning Portuguese. I was impatient with myself that I wasn't picking things up quicker. I just wanted to be able to communicate with people. I wasn't using the Atonement. I had a negative attitude and was trying to learn without the help of my Savior. When I realized what was happening I had to quickly repent! I prayed for humility, patience, the gift of tongues, and most importantly charity.

I am here learning this language to help other people, not for myself. I forgot that its not about me! I turned inward instead of outward. It is so easy to do! I have a strong testimony of the fact that our hardships are to refine us into people who turn outward in love and charity toward the people that surround us like our Savior did.

Once I started relying fully on the Atonement to learn Portuguese several things happened. The first was that I was able to understand a lot more of what was going on. Second, I was much happier. Thirdly, I am able to focus on the needs of others during the day rather than stressing out about trying to cram Portuguese into my brain! I was truly enabled this past week. I know that Christ wants everyone to be blessed by this enabling power, That's why we have missionaries. I know that the happiness that comes from the Atonement is available to everyone that will accept Christ by living His gospel. His arms are always open to lighten our burdens. The only things standing in our way of receiving His love is ourselves!

I invite you all to take a moment and inventory what things you are struggling with right now. Then make a choice to turn those things over to the Lord. Choose to be made whole through His Atonement. Pray for strength and I testify you will receive it!
Irmã Wright

June 8, 2015

Pictures from June 2015

Here are several pictures Sister Wright has sent us since she has arrived in Brazil. She is now serving in a city called Sete Lagoas.  It is located about 2 hours north of Belo Horzonte.

Images by Freepik