December 17, 2014

Moving Day at the MTC

So yesterday we found out that we were being kicked out of our room. Apparently, the MTC is closing down our building so they can do construction for next semester. We had to be out of our room by noon today. With six sisters packing up everything they own and moving it clear to the other side of campus, you can imagine the chaos.

Last night we were all a hot mess! We were packing like crazy trying to fit everything into our suitcases. It's inevitable that you will accumulate stuff here. Care packages take up quite a bit of space. It was a reality check for us because we realized how much space we really don't have to haul all our stuff down to Brazil or wherever the heck we're serving. At this point, none of us know because well... visas. Also we didn't even have any of our books because we leave them in our classroom since that is really where we live.

We received a great blessing this morning. Some of the Elders from our district came to help us with the trek to the other side of campus. I am so glad that they did! It would have taken forever without them! We  ended up having to take two trips and we had 11 people helping. Unfortunately, I don't think all of our stuff is going to make it out into the field.

I love the atmosphere of service here at the MTC. I wish it was something that would be cultivated more. There is always more that we can be doing to lightened others' loads. As we are in tune with the Spirit, we can more easily recognize those instances. I know we are where we are because our Father in Heaven designed it that way. We are meant to meet the people we do for a reason. One of the purposes our Elders are here was to help us with that not so pleasant move. They are also here to teach us about true, selfless service. We can learn and help each other so much. I know that and our Father in Heaven knows that. He's pretty smart. He knows what we need, always.

I know that one of the best things that we can do with our time is serve others. Look at Christ's mortal ministry. He was constantly serving others. I know that in order to follow Christ's perfect example we must continually serve others. As the Holiday Season approaches, I invite you all to find ways to serve others. The best present that we could give Christ as we celebrate His birth is to serve others. Get out there and be the Lord's hands!

I think my favorite part of this experience was seeing one of the Elders carry my dirty laundry. What a stud! haha

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