February 24, 2015

Focus on the Present!

My companion and I talked a little bit about how there are many
different things that Satan uses to distract us. One of those things
is focusing on the future and the past. She struggles with dwelling on
the past and I'm one who dreams about the future. It is not a bad
thing to think about good times past or ahead but when these thoughts
hinder us in the present there is a problem.

We have our memories to reflect on so that we can become better now.
We also set goals for the future so we know what to work toward.
However, both of these are tools to use in the present time.

The only place we can act is in the present. The only time we can
change and improve ourselves is now. You can only apply the Atonement
of Christ today.

This life is a time for men to perform their labors. You have the
choice of what to do right now. Don't waste your time that you have
now worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Be where your feet are and
do what our Savior would do.

I invite you all to analyze what you have done, make a plan to
improve, set goals, and then go to work!

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February 16, 2015

When you know who you are, you act differently

What do your actions, words, thoughts, and desires say about you? Are
they in harmony with those of our Savior, Jesus Christ? If they
aren't, then what changes do you need to make in your life to align

I know that Christ was the ultimate example for us in this life and
that our goal is to become like Him so that we can live with Him, our
Heavenly Father, and our families forever. I know that that is much
easier to say than to put into practice. Fortunately, our Father in
Heaven hasn't left us alone. We are given guides to help us become
better, the scriptures and a modern day prophet. He also gives us
strength as we pray for aid.

I invite you all to make one goal this week that will help you become
more like Jesus Christ. Write it down and make a plan of how you are
going to achieve it. Then try your hardest every day to achieve it.
Reflect on your progress every night. What did you do well and what
could you have improved on? Repent, pray for help, and study in the
the scriptures about how people overcame adversity in their lives. I
know that you will see progress as you do these things because I have
seen this process change me into a more faithful disciple of Christ!
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February 10, 2015

Curious Workmanship

I've been studying the Book of Mormon with the question in mind "How
can I be a better missionary?" This is a question that does not just
apply to those of us who are set apart as full-time missionaries. We
have all heard the title member missionaries. I would like to add my
voice to the many others who have declared this truth. I know that at
baptism we promised our Father in Heaven that we would take Christ's
name upon us. In so doing we became representatives of Him. We do what
He would if He were in our place. Christ was the ultimate missionary.
He was always inviting others to come to Him and become whole. We must
do the same. Just like how Christ prepared for His ministry, we too
must prepare ourselves each and every day to face a world that is
focused more on itself than the glory of God.

When Nephi and his family were preparing to sail across the ocean to
the Americas they prepared themselves by gathering food and seeds of
many varieties. They prepared to do the will of God. In our daily
lives we want the example we set of living a life focused on Christ to
plant a seed in the hearts of those we come in contact with. This seed
is a seed of faith talked about in Alma 32:28. However, how do we
expect to plant these seeds if we first have not gathered them? How
can we help others if we are in spiritual distress ourselves?

It never feels like we are in distress, but I testify that if you are
not studying your scriptures and counseling  with your Father in
Heaven daily you are in distress. We are in need of daily spiritual
nourishment. We prepare ourselves in a way the is of "curious
workmanship" to the modern world. It is the way of God not of men.
However, just like the ship that Nephi tells of in 1 Nephi 18, the
product of following the plan of God is "good" and "exceedingly fine."
Truly the increase of the Light of Christ in our countenances is a
beautiful sight. We are a peculiar people but people recognize the
value of the outcome of our laboratory and are interested in how it is
produced. This is because the results cannot be replicated by any
other means.

As you do this, you will become more finely tuned to hear the promptings
of the Holy Spirit. You never know when this inspiration will come.
It may come in the middle of the night like Lehi when God told Him
that he must leave with his family the next morning in 1 Nephi 16:19.
What do you think would have happened if he had not been in tune?

I invite you to repent. Repentance is simply a change for the better.
It is not supposed to be negative in any sense but glorious. We have
the ability to repent daily to become a little bit more like our
Savior. Repent and make your scripture study a little more meaningful.
Repent and pray a little more sincerely. Repent and take advantage of
the enabling power of Christ's infinite Atonement.

I also invite you to start keeping a journal or notebook of the
spiritual things that you learn. We show our Father in Heaven how we
value the knowledge He gives us by what we do with it. Do we tell
ourselves that we will remember it, use it diligently, and then forget
it an hour later or do we write it down, read it again, and cherish
it. I know that when we record spiritual enlightenment more comes.

I know that God knows and loves you individually. He wants to teach
you and guide you back to His presence. Please let Him!
Enviado do meu
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February 3, 2015

General Conference count down!

My companions and I started a General Conference count down this week.
We have it written up on a white board in our study room. There are
only 62 more days left! Isn't it amazing that we get to hear the words
of God every 6 months?! They are words meant specifically to help us
right now! Heavenly Father sure does loves us!

You know what's even greater than that?! We can hear God's words every
single month too! Church magazines are written through inspiration as
well. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us specific
guidance for our lives monthly. How spoiled are we?!

Even greater still we can receive the words of God every single day as
we pray and study the scriptures! Can you believe it! We have a Father
that loves us beyond our comprehension and is all knowing that has
provided us with guidance that will ensure eternal happiness and that
will mold us into a better self than we can possibly imagine! What an
amazing gift we have! That gift should be something that we prize
above all else. Yet too many times we forget it's worth and it goes
unappreciated. I testify as we treasure the gift of our Father in
Heaven's words not only will our burdens become easier to bear, our
lives brighter, and our minds enlightened we will also show love for
our Father in Heaven. I do not want to be an ungrateful child. I know
I don't recognize everything that my Heavenly Father has done and
continues to do for me but I am trying my best to take advantage of
the precious gifts He has given me.

Not only have we been given the word of God we have also been given a
way to interpret them in such a way that they penetrate our souls.
Through the power of the Holy Ghost we can know all things! D&C 42:61

I invite you to treat the words of our Father in Heaven for what they
are, an invaluable treasure. I know that as we study the word of God
we will learn the mysteries of God. We will have an increased desire
to do what is right. We will please our Father who is in Heaven. We
will become more like our older brother Jesus Christ.

I testify that Heavenly Father loves you. Your worth is great in His
eyes and He desperately wants His little child to come home into His
open arms. He has give you a map home to Him. You have been given all
the tools. It is all there. He is waiting for you.

Love you all!
Sister Wright
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