December 10, 2014

Patience and Portuguese

I learned through study this week that learning is a form of personal revelation! How cool is that?! Man, I have received  a lot  of revelation this past week!

​In my personal study, I have decided I am going to develop Christ-like attributes. I started with diligence. This week I worked on patience. I have always considered myself pretty patient, but once I arrived at the MTC, I realize I was sadly mistaken. I've really struggled with not becoming frustrated with myself and others. I don't lash out, but my thoughts need some work. I had no idea how I could change my way of thinking. I knew that I could go to the Lord with my challenges, but I need to do some work, too. How am I going to learn if I don't put in some effort? I began to think about why Christ is so patient. I know I have given Him plenty to be frustrated about with the way I act. Christ is the ultimate example of patience. He lived and died for us all. He knows how to comfort us and we know it, yet we don't turn to Him because of our pride. He patiently extends His hand toward us and waits until we choose to accept His help. 

Just love each other!

So how can I become more like Him? It's a lot easier said than done, but I have learned from experience that love and service cure all harsh feelings. My district did a testimony meeting a few days ago to increase the love we felt toward each other and it did the trick! When we begin to see others as individuals that do things for specific purposes we are more apt to loving them. I have been praying to see others the way my Father in Heaven does and my love and patience for them has increased because of it. 

It's felt like an uphill battle when it comes to learning Portuguese. Learning a language is hard work! In the first couple of weeks I questioned my ability to learn the language. I am doing so much better with it now because I put aside those feelings of inadequacy and just did the Lord's will. It works miracles! I have learned that Heavenly Father makes us weak in this life so we can become mighty like Him. The weaknesses He gives us are blessings. Meu Portuges este nao bom mais nao importante. 

This is the way it's good to be nao bom a falar portugues or any other language when you're a missionary. 
1) People pay close attention to what you say when you don't speak very well
2)The Spirit rushes to your aide
3) People realize that your message is important because you are willing to look foolish to deliver the message

You can and will survive any trial that the Lord gives you. He knows you can do it! We're living proof of it! 

Eu sei que Joseph Smith restando o evanglho de Jesus Cristo a Terra. Eu sei que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santo dos ultimos dias e verdadera com todos meu coracao. Joseph Smith ve Deu, nosso Pai Celestial, e Jesus Crist, nosso Salvador. 

Meu proposito e convidar as pessoas achugadem-se as Cristo! Amou Jesus Cristo. Ele vive e mortar para mim e voce. Ele quere todo pessoas voltar par ele. Ele falou com nos por Espirito Santo. Ouve-O!

I know that Jesus is the Christ and He is the ultimate Christmas gift. I invite you to think of something you can gift Christ for Christmas and share it with others! 

Merry Christmas from the MTC!

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