July 14, 2015

Returned Missionary

I have been home from my mission for almost three weeks now. It has been a very different experience that I wasn’t expecting to go through. Though I love my family and friends back at home I really was not mentally ready to come back. Unfortunately, due to some medical complications I was honorably released as a full-time missionary early. Looking back I remember dreading the thought of being medically released before I had even entered the Missionary Training Center. Now I have gained a larger perspective on the subject. Though I still have so much more to learn I have gained some insight through this experience. I had feelings of disappointment and inadequacy for coming home early. I felt like I should have been able to serve my full 18 months. I felt weak and like I had let my Savior down. I knew that medically I needed to be home to get the help I needed but I still had thoughts in the back of my mind that if I had just had more faith then I could have been able to complete what I felt was my full mission. I know that these feelings were not from God. They were from the adversary. He was trying to get me to feel worthless. He wants us all to be miserable like he is. Because of the wonderful gift of agency we don’t have to let him to that to us! We are free to choose eternal happiness by patiently and cheerfully submitting to the will of our Loving Heavenly Father. Our Father in Heaven is perfect. He has a perfect plan for each one of our lives. Better than anything that we could even dream of creating for ourselves. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it, and who we can help along the why. His plan for us is able to satisfy all three of these needs seamlessly. All we need to do is follow the plan. We do this by molding our will to His will. The best tool we have to help with this molding is prayer. Pray is used to make our will the will of our Father, not the other way around. I know that everything that happens in our lives has a purpose. There are no such thing as coincidences. Medical conditions do not pop up randomly. They are created by divine design. Like every other hardship we experience in this life, they are not usually pretty but they are worth it. Trials are refining agents in our lives. It is through them that we can become like our Father. As we become refined and sanctified we put off the natural man and become reborn as disciples of Christ like in Mosiah 3:19. I am so grateful that my life doesn’t go according to my plan. We are all blessed to have a Father that loves us enough to give us everything that we need even though we usually aren’t very grateful for it. As we follow the perfect example of Christ we not only become happier and are blessed but we are able to show love and gratitude to God for everything that He has given and will continue to give to us. Press forward with a happy heart and trust in God and everything will go exactly as you need it to! I invite you all to make a conscious effort to reflect on how your trials are helping you become the person that Heavenly Father wants you to become. Then resolve to “press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God (2 Nephi 31:20.)” I testify that as you submit to the will of the Father you will receive eternal life and joy! God loves you and wants to help you so let him! post signature

June 22, 2015

Selfless Service

This week my companion and I had the privilege to help clean the home of an older Sister in the ward. She is unable to do many things on her own anymore, including getting to church. Seeing her situation was truly hearbreaking. She could barely take care of herself and she also had both of her adult sons living with her who had strayed from the gospel fold. One is constantly drunk. I can't imagine the hearache she feels everyday because of them. 

A group of Relief Society Sisters organized this service project to clean her home from top to bottom. It was amazing to see these women in action! There was so much love in the home. These women don't have muich but what little they had they gave to this Sister. We always have time and love" That is true charity. No matter how much, or little, we have we are using it to build others. 

I invite you all to be quick to observe the needs of others this week. Find what you have and give it , out of love, to someone what really needs to feel God's love. 

Irmã Wright

Culture Shock

I've been in Brazil for almost a month now and am still learning so much. I knew that I would be soaking in a new language but I didn't realize how much I would be learning about the culture as well. I still feel like I'm in culture shock. 

Duing my two week stay in the MTC in São Paulo I learned quickly how warm and open the people are here. Everyone has so much love for the people around them. They are so open and will smile at and great anyone they see. 

In the MTC I also learned that Brazilians love Americans. During meals my small little district of Americans would sit down at a table and it would soon be full of people! The missionaries really enjoyed helping us learn the language. My companion and I shared a room with a Brazilian companionship and every night they would teach us new words. I always looked forward to spending evenings with Sister Ferreira and Sister Faria laughing and playing seraides to figure out what we were trying to say to each other. 

When it come to food here I have just accepted the fact that I won't know what I'm eating most of the time. It has been great so far though. I have found a new vegetable down here that I love! Its similare to a potato excet its more stringy. So good! Also make sure you know where the water people give you comes from here or you will regret it, promise.

One thing I love that doesn't happen down here is people slamming doors in our faces. It is fantastic! Everyone is so nice even when they don' want to hear our message. 

Something new I learned this past week was that you don't wave at people you don't know. Apparentl, it is a way of flirting. Whoops" You can say hello to everyone but waving is out. That is going to be a difficult habit to break. 

It has been a huge adjustment to life donw here, and I still miss my carpet, but I love it! I can feel God's love for the people here and I am so blessed to be surrounded by some of His choice children. 

Irmã Wright

June 15, 2015

Enabling power of the Atonement

This week I am so grateful for the Atonement. One thing that we have to teach people about the Atonement as missionaries is that it is not just something we turn to when we have done something wrong. There is also an enabling power of the Atonement. It was this enabling power that I'm grateful for this week. 

It has been a little frustrating learning Portuguese. I was impatient with myself that I wasn't picking things up quicker. I just wanted to be able to communicate with people. I wasn't using the Atonement. I had a negative attitude and was trying to learn without the help of my Savior. When I realized what was happening I had to quickly repent! I prayed for humility, patience, the gift of tongues, and most importantly charity.

I am here learning this language to help other people, not for myself. I forgot that its not about me! I turned inward instead of outward. It is so easy to do! I have a strong testimony of the fact that our hardships are to refine us into people who turn outward in love and charity toward the people that surround us like our Savior did.

Once I started relying fully on the Atonement to learn Portuguese several things happened. The first was that I was able to understand a lot more of what was going on. Second, I was much happier. Thirdly, I am able to focus on the needs of others during the day rather than stressing out about trying to cram Portuguese into my brain! I was truly enabled this past week. I know that Christ wants everyone to be blessed by this enabling power, That's why we have missionaries. I know that the happiness that comes from the Atonement is available to everyone that will accept Christ by living His gospel. His arms are always open to lighten our burdens. The only things standing in our way of receiving His love is ourselves!

I invite you all to take a moment and inventory what things you are struggling with right now. Then make a choice to turn those things over to the Lord. Choose to be made whole through His Atonement. Pray for strength and I testify you will receive it!
Irmã Wright

June 8, 2015

Pictures from June 2015

Here are several pictures Sister Wright has sent us since she has arrived in Brazil. She is now serving in a city called Sete Lagoas.  It is located about 2 hours north of Belo Horzonte.

May 11, 2015

Finally going to Brazil

This last Saturday I received my long awaited visa to Brazil. When I
was told this by President Craven I had a strange mixture of emotion
that I wasn't expecting. Even before entering the MTC I was dreading
being reassigned to a mission in the United States. That was the last
thing that I wanted to happen. I was so excited to go and teach the
restored gospel of Jesus Christ in a foreign country in a new
language. It sounded like an adventure that I had been longing for!

When I got my reassignment in December to Charlotte, North Carolina I
was excited to spend a little time out east then head to my ideal
destination in South America. I expected to stay here for 6 weeks then
be on my way to Brazil. Obviously, things didn't quite go according to
my plan.

My stay here in the Mission of Miracles has had some ups and downs but
I have become a much better person because of it and I wouldn't trade
it for anything in the world. At this point I'm a little sad to leave
it behind. It seems that whenever we get comfortable with where we are
God decides to change things around. One of my favorite one liners
that I've heard so far is "There is no growth in the comfort zone or
comfort in the growth zone." At the beginning I definitely wasn't
comfortable here. It's not because it was extremely difficult
adjusting to missionary life. It was because I wanted to be somewhere
else. I wasn't where my feet were.

This past transfer in Greensboro I fell in love with missionary work.
I have enjoyed all my time as a missionary but I gained a passion for
it here. I think that's why I'm leaving. Because I love this area, the
people, and my companions! God can't let me get too comfortable! :)

I expected to be much more excited about this transfer. I've been
looking forward to it since I got here! It's not to say I'm not
excited, I know it is going to be a blast in Brazil! However, I am
going to miss my home in North Carolina. This is where I learned to be
a missionary. North Carolina has changed me.

This is a bitter sweet moment. I know that I'm going where I need to
be though. I am excited for what the future has in store. I've become
comfortable here and so it's time for me to move on. I am so thankful
that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me enough to put me where I
need to be to grow the most. That is the point of this life. To learn
and grow to become like Him. I know that I'm nowhere near but I know
my potential and I trust His plan. If I've learned one thing so far
it's that it's always God's plan, not Sister Wright's. I am so
grateful for that. I have learned to accept what comes and love it.

I know that God puts us where we need to be for a reason. The people
that come into our path are there by divine design of a Father with
infinite love for you. We can learn so much and be he happiest in our
current circumstances if we simple look for what He intends for us to

I invite you all to go about your days for consciously. Happiness and
knowledge is all around you. It's placed there by your Father in
Heaven. You just need to take the time to notice it. It is your
choice. Choose to be happy and grow everyday!

April 20, 2015

We all need the help of others

Every week during our planning session we compile a list of members
that we want to involve in the work that week. After that it is a lot
of calls and voice mails before the real magic happens of laboring in
the Lord's vineyard with the members of our ward.

This past week we called a Sister in the ward to come out with us and
we were surprised with the response we got. She came up to us at
church and told us the voice mail we left for her about coming teaching
with her made her cry. We were a little confused by this. She went on
to explain how it has been years since she has gotten a call from the
missionaries for her. Her husband is not a member of the church and so
every time the missionaries called it was to see if ye could teach her
husband. She told us how she felt very used and unappreciated.

It was a great lesson to me of how easy it is to overlook some of our
Heavenly Father's precious children. I'm sure that the missionaries in
the past had their hearts in the right place. They wanted to unite
this family for eternity by bringing the father into the gospel fold.

Through this experience my attention has been heightened to the needs
of everyone in the ward. Just because it someone may be firmly planted
in gospel soil does not mean that we can over look them. Every single
person you encounter is a child of God who needs love and support.
None of us are perfect. We all need the help of others.

The structure of the church is divinely inspired in such a way that we
have many opportunities to serve each other. We need our brothers and
sisters. Heavenly Father often meets our needs and the needs of others
through acts of kindness from His other children.

I invite you to take the time to observe the needs of others this week
and then act. It doesn't take much exertion to brighten someone's day
and make their burden lighter. Pay extra attention to the person who
doesn't get a lot of attention. I can testify that when you do this
you will be the Lord's hands on the earth.

Mosiah 2:17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn
wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your
fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

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April 13, 2015

Missionary Panel

Missionary Panel

This week my companions and I had the unique opportunity to
participate in a missionary panel at Guildford college. They have a
course in Mormonism and this past week they were studying missionary
work. We were talked to a class of about fifteen people with the
Elders in our area and answered questions the students had about
missionary work. The questions were all mostly about our routine and
why we decided to serve missions. But we did get some weird ones like
"what sort of guidelines are there for women's safety?" We told them
we just follow the Spirit and we don't have any problems.

They were all really fascinated with the white handbook. Apparently
they read through it as a class. What?! They were all pretty curious
about if we follow all the rules and who enforced them. We told them
that no one makes us follow the rules but we keep them all because we
love God. I think every person in the room scribbled that down on
their notepads!

It was a great opportunity to bear testimony to a captive audience. I
made sure that I bore frequent testimony and explained the Holy Ghost.
If nothing else I wanted them to know that God answers our prayers
through the Spirit. Judging by the amount of notes that class took on
what we were saying I'm not to worried about that point being missed.

The teacher provided us a copy of the syllabus for the class and one
of the Elders noticed that the Book of Mormon is not part of the
required reading! None of them have a copy. We remedied that very
quickly. I have never seen anyone so excited to receive a copy of the
Book of Mormon as these college students! I wish everyone we talked to
had as much enthusiasm! We also distributed the pamphlets we use for
teaching. It was a great way to give out a lot of media.

The best part of the panel was that we found a new investigator. She
is so sweet and she is getting baptized next month! It just goes to
show that you will find people prepared to receive the gospel no
matter where you go! If we simply follow the promptings of the Holy
Ghost we will be given opportunities to share the gospel of Christ.

I invite you to make an effort to recognize the promptings of the Holy
Ghost. I testify that when we do follow the promptings God gives us He
will give us even more and we can come even closer to Him.

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Guildford college

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April 1, 2015

Trust in the Lord with all Your Heart

I've been struggling a little bit lately with trusting in the Lord's timing. I have been waiting on my visa to Brazil for 4 months now. I have absolutely loved my mission so far but I hit a point where I just wanted to go. I was really disappointed in myself for feeling this way so I decided to start studying faith and hope during my studies in the morning. I also focused my prayers on aligning my will with the will of my Heavenly Father. 

I learned so much over a the short period of time that I did this. The biggest thing was that I became much more aware of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me and His purpose. He does everything for the benefit of His children. Everything. Once I realized that I began to rethink what it meant to align my will with His. 

I testify that everything that our Heavenly Father has us go through is for our benefit. Our circumstances allow us to become the best person we can be and become like Him. He wants us to be happy like Him. I know that wherever God calls me to serve is the place where I will learn and grow the most. It is also where I will be the happiest. All I have to do is work hard and choose to experience the happiness the my Heavenly Father is offering me. 

I know that this principle is true in all of our lives. We always have the choice to be happy no matter our circumstances by shifting our perspective to that of our loving Heavenly Father. I promise that He knows you and loves you more than you can imagine.

I invite you all to take an inventory of your attitude right now. Are you choosing to accept happiness that God is offering you in its fullness? He will never force anything on you. It is your choice to be happy so do it! 

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March 16, 2015

It becomes so easy in life to slip into a mind set of simply
completing activities. This is no different in activity in the church.
Going to meetings, serving others, reading scriptures, and praying
daily can become habits that we don't think twice about when we do
them. In order to grow from these things we must take an active role
in reflecting on them.

God gives us all things for our growth and benefit. However, it is our
choice whether we accept and act upon these things. In order for them
to truly change us we must have the right focus.

Are you focusing on completely theses activities or becoming more like
Christ and serving God's children continually? Consecration is when we
dedicate our thoughts, words, and deeds to the Lord.

We learn in Corinthians 3:16-17 that we are the temple of the Lord and
in D&C 109:12 that the temple is consecrated to the work of the Lord.
We should be striving every day to further God's work on the earth
like the temple. We should be in the world but remain unchanged by it.

I invite you to write down one thing that you will do differently this
week to become more consecrated to the Lord. I know that this will
bless you and you will see heaven's light more clearly on your life.

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March 11, 2015

The LORD always provides a way!

This past week was a week of miracles. We were able to see a lot of
progress in the people that we had been working with. Unfortunately
because some of our plans fell through we were not going to be able to
meet out goal for lessons with a member-present. We weren't extremely
upset about this but we kept working hard to get two more lessons in
hope that we could meet our goal.

On Sunday we had accepted that we would not make our goal and we were
a little disappointed. However, during Sunday school one of the women
from the ward asked if we could stop by that night to teach her two
young nieces that were not members of the church. We were very excited
and quickly agreed to stop by later that night to share a message with

After church we went to the home of another member for dinner. We are
really spoiled here and we get fed by the ward nearly every night
during the week. We planned to talk to them about incorporating Preach
my Gospel into their family studies and to commit them to invite some
of their nonmember friends over for dinner the next time we come. We
had started eating when the daughter told us that she was expecting
some of her friends to come over to eat and hear a message! She had
invited them earlier that day. We quickly changed our lesson plan and
were able to teach another member-present lesson!

We had two member-present lessons handed to us today and we're able to
meet our goal! That just goes to show that when you work hard to
achieve a goal God will help you. I testify that He is mindful of us
and when we set goals He helps us achieve them. When we set goals
faithfully we invite divine assistance.

I invite you all to set a goal this week to become a little bit better
in some aspect of your life. It can be big or small. Then pray for
help and guidance that you will be able to achieve it. I know that our
Heavenly Father will help you because He loves you. He rejoices when
we set righteous goals that help us draw near to Him.

1 Nephi 3:7
And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and
do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord
giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare
a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth

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March 4, 2015

Preach my Gospel: a guide for YOU

My ward here in Kannapolis is starting a new program where they teach out of Preach my Gospel every first Sunday. For some people this may seem a little strange because PMG is widely recognized as a manual for missionaries. I agree that it is a guide for missionaries. However, this isn't a tool that is limited to the use of the full-time missionaries. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has and always will be a missionary church. 

As missionaries, we are counseled to study out of PMG every single day. It is a tool that is not for the conversion of investigators, but for the conversion of the missionary. It is a guide. It is a guide for us all to increase our commitment to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Isn't that something that we all desire? Don't we all want to be a little bit more like our perfect elder brother? I know that I do!

PMG has many different tools within it that will enrich your personal study of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I testify that it was written through revelation by modern prophets, seers, and revelators. I know that as we include this guide in our personal study we will become better disciples of Jesus Christ. I know this because I have experienced this change in myself. 

I invite you all to get a Preach my Gospel in your home if you don't already have one. Start out by reading the introduction. Learn how this guide is set up so that you can take full advantage of it. Once you have done this start using it! Use it every single day, even if you only read a paragraph. I also invite you to start and end your personal study with a pray. I know that when we invite the Spirit we enable ourselves to receive personal revelation and you will learn more than you would have otherwise. I also strongly suggest that you begin a study journal. When you use a study journal your study becomes much more meaningful. You show God that you value the things that He teaches you through the Spirit and He will pour even more knowledge upon your head. 

I promise as you use this guide you will improve the quality of your life. As you use it you will have an increased desire to become more like our Savior. You will want to serve others more and share this glad message of the restored gospel with others. That's what it's all about. Loving others enough to help them return to our Heavenly Father! I love you all and am excited for you to start using this fantastic tool that our Father in Heaven has given us!
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February 24, 2015

Focus on the Present!

My companion and I talked a little bit about how there are many
different things that Satan uses to distract us. One of those things
is focusing on the future and the past. She struggles with dwelling on
the past and I'm one who dreams about the future. It is not a bad
thing to think about good times past or ahead but when these thoughts
hinder us in the present there is a problem.

We have our memories to reflect on so that we can become better now.
We also set goals for the future so we know what to work toward.
However, both of these are tools to use in the present time.

The only place we can act is in the present. The only time we can
change and improve ourselves is now. You can only apply the Atonement
of Christ today.

This life is a time for men to perform their labors. You have the
choice of what to do right now. Don't waste your time that you have
now worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Be where your feet are and
do what our Savior would do.

I invite you all to analyze what you have done, make a plan to
improve, set goals, and then go to work!

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February 16, 2015

When you know who you are, you act differently

What do your actions, words, thoughts, and desires say about you? Are
they in harmony with those of our Savior, Jesus Christ? If they
aren't, then what changes do you need to make in your life to align

I know that Christ was the ultimate example for us in this life and
that our goal is to become like Him so that we can live with Him, our
Heavenly Father, and our families forever. I know that that is much
easier to say than to put into practice. Fortunately, our Father in
Heaven hasn't left us alone. We are given guides to help us become
better, the scriptures and a modern day prophet. He also gives us
strength as we pray for aid.

I invite you all to make one goal this week that will help you become
more like Jesus Christ. Write it down and make a plan of how you are
going to achieve it. Then try your hardest every day to achieve it.
Reflect on your progress every night. What did you do well and what
could you have improved on? Repent, pray for help, and study in the
the scriptures about how people overcame adversity in their lives. I
know that you will see progress as you do these things because I have
seen this process change me into a more faithful disciple of Christ!
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February 10, 2015

Curious Workmanship

I've been studying the Book of Mormon with the question in mind "How
can I be a better missionary?" This is a question that does not just
apply to those of us who are set apart as full-time missionaries. We
have all heard the title member missionaries. I would like to add my
voice to the many others who have declared this truth. I know that at
baptism we promised our Father in Heaven that we would take Christ's
name upon us. In so doing we became representatives of Him. We do what
He would if He were in our place. Christ was the ultimate missionary.
He was always inviting others to come to Him and become whole. We must
do the same. Just like how Christ prepared for His ministry, we too
must prepare ourselves each and every day to face a world that is
focused more on itself than the glory of God.

When Nephi and his family were preparing to sail across the ocean to
the Americas they prepared themselves by gathering food and seeds of
many varieties. They prepared to do the will of God. In our daily
lives we want the example we set of living a life focused on Christ to
plant a seed in the hearts of those we come in contact with. This seed
is a seed of faith talked about in Alma 32:28. However, how do we
expect to plant these seeds if we first have not gathered them? How
can we help others if we are in spiritual distress ourselves?

It never feels like we are in distress, but I testify that if you are
not studying your scriptures and counseling  with your Father in
Heaven daily you are in distress. We are in need of daily spiritual
nourishment. We prepare ourselves in a way the is of "curious
workmanship" to the modern world. It is the way of God not of men.
However, just like the ship that Nephi tells of in 1 Nephi 18, the
product of following the plan of God is "good" and "exceedingly fine."
Truly the increase of the Light of Christ in our countenances is a
beautiful sight. We are a peculiar people but people recognize the
value of the outcome of our laboratory and are interested in how it is
produced. This is because the results cannot be replicated by any
other means.

As you do this, you will become more finely tuned to hear the promptings
of the Holy Spirit. You never know when this inspiration will come.
It may come in the middle of the night like Lehi when God told Him
that he must leave with his family the next morning in 1 Nephi 16:19.
What do you think would have happened if he had not been in tune?

I invite you to repent. Repentance is simply a change for the better.
It is not supposed to be negative in any sense but glorious. We have
the ability to repent daily to become a little bit more like our
Savior. Repent and make your scripture study a little more meaningful.
Repent and pray a little more sincerely. Repent and take advantage of
the enabling power of Christ's infinite Atonement.

I also invite you to start keeping a journal or notebook of the
spiritual things that you learn. We show our Father in Heaven how we
value the knowledge He gives us by what we do with it. Do we tell
ourselves that we will remember it, use it diligently, and then forget
it an hour later or do we write it down, read it again, and cherish
it. I know that when we record spiritual enlightenment more comes.

I know that God knows and loves you individually. He wants to teach
you and guide you back to His presence. Please let Him!
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February 3, 2015

General Conference count down!

My companions and I started a General Conference count down this week.
We have it written up on a white board in our study room. There are
only 62 more days left! Isn't it amazing that we get to hear the words
of God every 6 months?! They are words meant specifically to help us
right now! Heavenly Father sure does loves us!

You know what's even greater than that?! We can hear God's words every
single month too! Church magazines are written through inspiration as
well. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us specific
guidance for our lives monthly. How spoiled are we?!

Even greater still we can receive the words of God every single day as
we pray and study the scriptures! Can you believe it! We have a Father
that loves us beyond our comprehension and is all knowing that has
provided us with guidance that will ensure eternal happiness and that
will mold us into a better self than we can possibly imagine! What an
amazing gift we have! That gift should be something that we prize
above all else. Yet too many times we forget it's worth and it goes
unappreciated. I testify as we treasure the gift of our Father in
Heaven's words not only will our burdens become easier to bear, our
lives brighter, and our minds enlightened we will also show love for
our Father in Heaven. I do not want to be an ungrateful child. I know
I don't recognize everything that my Heavenly Father has done and
continues to do for me but I am trying my best to take advantage of
the precious gifts He has given me.

Not only have we been given the word of God we have also been given a
way to interpret them in such a way that they penetrate our souls.
Through the power of the Holy Ghost we can know all things! D&C 42:61

I invite you to treat the words of our Father in Heaven for what they
are, an invaluable treasure. I know that as we study the word of God
we will learn the mysteries of God. We will have an increased desire
to do what is right. We will please our Father who is in Heaven. We
will become more like our older brother Jesus Christ.

I testify that Heavenly Father loves you. Your worth is great in His
eyes and He desperately wants His little child to come home into His
open arms. He has give you a map home to Him. You have been given all
the tools. It is all there. He is waiting for you.

Love you all!
Sister Wright
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January 27, 2015

Preach My Gospel is for Your Conversion!

For training this week, my mission president made the comment that Preach My Gospel is for the missionary's conversion. He also told us that if we are studying it everyday then no matter what storms come our way we will never even flinch! That is a very large promise! I know it's true though. 

Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. However, in order to do that effectively, we must be headed  toward Him ourselves. As we refine ourselves we are serving those around us. We are providing them with an example of someone who is diligently working to follow the path that Christ has laid for us. You increase your light which will draw others closer to the fold of our Savior. People are watching you. I promise.

Do you love your friends,family, co-workers, teachers, and peers? Then show it! Draw closer to Christ. Missionary work is the work of love! Be a little better every single day. Do what you know to be right and bring others with you.

I know as I have striven to do this,  my happiness and energy has increased. The work of Christ is energizing. Saying you don't have time is not an excuse. You do have time. You have 24 hours every single day. What is your priority? A book, television, the Internet, or the invaluable worth of the soul of the individual right next to you? We need to prioritize what is really important. I have learned that this is not the time to be timid. Be bold because you are right. You have the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the greatest gift you could give someone. Go and share it!

I invite you all to bring up your beliefs with someone this week. Share a simple testimony about the truthfulness of this gospel. Maybe even invite them to come to your home. The Spirit that resides there will stick out to them and they will desire to learn more about what is so different about you and the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I would also invite you to read Doctrine and Covenants 4.

I love you all. I testify that you are a precious child of God and that He knows and loves you! 
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January 12, 2015

Go and Bear your testimony!!!

I'm finally put in the field! I can't believe I'm a real missionary
now! I have been so blessed to be in North Carolina in the Charlotte
mission for about a week now.

The week has been amazing so far. I've really learned a lot. I think
the most important thing though is being bold with my faith. Never be
scared to bear your testimony on simple truths. I think I used to get
nervous that I would offend someone if I were to talk about religion.
In all actuality, people are pretty open to talk to you about your

I invite you all to go help the missionaries this week. They love all
the help they can get and you will be blessed beyond belief for your
service. You will feel the Spirit so strongly and you will be a help in
bringing to pass the greatest work on this Earth today. Missionary
work is the work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I testify that
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church
on the earth today. It brings happiness and joy to all. God loves you
and hears your prayers!
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