February 3, 2015

General Conference count down!

My companions and I started a General Conference count down this week.
We have it written up on a white board in our study room. There are
only 62 more days left! Isn't it amazing that we get to hear the words
of God every 6 months?! They are words meant specifically to help us
right now! Heavenly Father sure does loves us!

You know what's even greater than that?! We can hear God's words every
single month too! Church magazines are written through inspiration as
well. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us specific
guidance for our lives monthly. How spoiled are we?!

Even greater still we can receive the words of God every single day as
we pray and study the scriptures! Can you believe it! We have a Father
that loves us beyond our comprehension and is all knowing that has
provided us with guidance that will ensure eternal happiness and that
will mold us into a better self than we can possibly imagine! What an
amazing gift we have! That gift should be something that we prize
above all else. Yet too many times we forget it's worth and it goes
unappreciated. I testify as we treasure the gift of our Father in
Heaven's words not only will our burdens become easier to bear, our
lives brighter, and our minds enlightened we will also show love for
our Father in Heaven. I do not want to be an ungrateful child. I know
I don't recognize everything that my Heavenly Father has done and
continues to do for me but I am trying my best to take advantage of
the precious gifts He has given me.

Not only have we been given the word of God we have also been given a
way to interpret them in such a way that they penetrate our souls.
Through the power of the Holy Ghost we can know all things! D&C 42:61

I invite you to treat the words of our Father in Heaven for what they
are, an invaluable treasure. I know that as we study the word of God
we will learn the mysteries of God. We will have an increased desire
to do what is right. We will please our Father who is in Heaven. We
will become more like our older brother Jesus Christ.

I testify that Heavenly Father loves you. Your worth is great in His
eyes and He desperately wants His little child to come home into His
open arms. He has give you a map home to Him. You have been given all
the tools. It is all there. He is waiting for you.

Love you all!
Sister Wright
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