February 24, 2015

Focus on the Present!

My companion and I talked a little bit about how there are many
different things that Satan uses to distract us. One of those things
is focusing on the future and the past. She struggles with dwelling on
the past and I'm one who dreams about the future. It is not a bad
thing to think about good times past or ahead but when these thoughts
hinder us in the present there is a problem.

We have our memories to reflect on so that we can become better now.
We also set goals for the future so we know what to work toward.
However, both of these are tools to use in the present time.

The only place we can act is in the present. The only time we can
change and improve ourselves is now. You can only apply the Atonement
of Christ today.

This life is a time for men to perform their labors. You have the
choice of what to do right now. Don't waste your time that you have
now worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Be where your feet are and
do what our Savior would do.

I invite you all to analyze what you have done, make a plan to
improve, set goals, and then go to work!

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