June 22, 2015

Selfless Service

This week my companion and I had the privilege to help clean the home of an older Sister in the ward. She is unable to do many things on her own anymore, including getting to church. Seeing her situation was truly hearbreaking. She could barely take care of herself and she also had both of her adult sons living with her who had strayed from the gospel fold. One is constantly drunk. I can't imagine the hearache she feels everyday because of them. 

A group of Relief Society Sisters organized this service project to clean her home from top to bottom. It was amazing to see these women in action! There was so much love in the home. These women don't have muich but what little they had they gave to this Sister. We always have time and love" That is true charity. No matter how much, or little, we have we are using it to build others. 

I invite you all to be quick to observe the needs of others this week. Find what you have and give it , out of love, to someone what really needs to feel God's love. 

Irmã Wright

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