March 16, 2015

It becomes so easy in life to slip into a mind set of simply
completing activities. This is no different in activity in the church.
Going to meetings, serving others, reading scriptures, and praying
daily can become habits that we don't think twice about when we do
them. In order to grow from these things we must take an active role
in reflecting on them.

God gives us all things for our growth and benefit. However, it is our
choice whether we accept and act upon these things. In order for them
to truly change us we must have the right focus.

Are you focusing on completely theses activities or becoming more like
Christ and serving God's children continually? Consecration is when we
dedicate our thoughts, words, and deeds to the Lord.

We learn in Corinthians 3:16-17 that we are the temple of the Lord and
in D&C 109:12 that the temple is consecrated to the work of the Lord.
We should be striving every day to further God's work on the earth
like the temple. We should be in the world but remain unchanged by it.

I invite you to write down one thing that you will do differently this
week to become more consecrated to the Lord. I know that this will
bless you and you will see heaven's light more clearly on your life.

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