April 6, 2013

My First Batch of Lemonade

The main thing that motivated me to begin this blog is that my boyfriend received his mission call last week and yesterday was the last day that I will see him until his mission farewell. This is due to my attending school away from where he is living and working right now. Before you write me off as a teenager just looking for someone to cry to, I would like to let you know that I was right there with you a couple years ago. I was the one sitting there watching girls wait for the day their boy would come back cherishing a promise ring on their finger. Give me a break. I am defiantly not one for all that sappy sort of stuff. To be honest, I deemed waiting for a missionary as naive and juvenile. Well, now it looks like I have turned into the exact same thing that a few years ago I promised myself I would never be. However, I have gained a lot more insight into the subject. Now at this point I would like to point out that I DO NOT have a promise ring on my finger right now. I also plan on dating while my missionary is gone. Dating is something that I really wanted to avoid while he was gone and still is something I’m still nervous for, but now I have much more peace in my heart about the subject. Something that Army, my boyfriend, started to tell me the past few months is that if we are meant to be then it is going to happen and if not there is someone out there better for us both. After pondering this statement for a couple months I have come to realize how true it is and I have gained a sense of peace that seemed out of reach at the beginning of this year. Another thing that has really helped me is praying… A LOT! I always ask for my Father in Heaven to bless me that I can be unselfish and to be sensitive to the spirit in order to know what it is that Army needs to prepare for a mission and have no doubt about his decision to serve. This has worked wonders on my attitude toward him leaving. Now, all I can do is continue with my education and see what the Lord has in store for me and I’ll tell you what, it is hard! I am one who needs to be in control of a situation and I feel super anxious when I’m not. However, I know things will work out for the best if I follow the spirit and if I do not remain idle. My plan now is to work hard and get my teaching degree and live life to its fullest and hope that I will be the lucky girl that will marry Army one day. I know things will work out the way that they should. Anyway, that is my first flip on my perspective. Having the boy I love leave me for two years to serve and bring people to the Lord and teach about and create eternal families is not a bad thing. It’s a blessing! I now have another great example in my life. It is a huge commitment to put everything on hold for two years, but I know many blessings come with that service. My favorite saying that I have seen about missions is “A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a while so others can be with their family for eternity.” I think that is so powerful. I feel for all of those who are having a loved one leave on a mission soon and I hope my perspective has helped you have a bit of a brighter outlook on the next two years.
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